Found House/IHN

Found House Interfaith Housing Network (FH-IHN) has returned to the traditional model of housing families in host churches. Knox will be hosting families for two one-week rotations, October 16-23, and December 11-18. Knox will once again be providing shelter and hospitality to homeless families who are trying to become re-established.

During these two weeks, we need 7 volunteers each evening to prepare a meal, and/or to spend the evening or overnight with our FH-IHN guests. We will also need help with set-up, take-down, laundry, and donations of pantry items.

Please consider volunteering, there are many opportunities. Visit the links below to sign-up genius for each rotation.

October Signup
December Signup

Thank you in advance for your consideration. If you have any questions, please contact Betsy Warwick,

Since 1991, our network has grown to include over 100 congregational partners, representing people of Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Unitarian faiths. Congregations provide overnight shelter and meals for homeless families in our Emergency Shelter program.

Found House has also grown and enhanced the services offered over the years to provide wraparound support for the whole family that extends beyond Emergency Shelter.


Found House Interfaith Housing Network’s mission is to provide homeless families emergency shelter and hospitality through interfaith communities and to work with families to find and retain stable housing.

Found House provides emergency shelter and housing programs for homeless families in Cincinnati, Ohio and surrounding areas. For the past 30 years, Found House IHN has been a beacon of hope for families in our community with nowhere else to turn. Found House remains focused on our overarching goal of helping families experiencing homelessness secure safe, affordable, permanent housing with the key organizational goals to:

Provide hospitality to meet basic needs
Keep families together
Help families find and retain stable housing
Build a community where no family has to go with out roof overhead

Contact Betsy Warwic to learn about Found House/IHN at Knox.

Other Ways To Help Homeless Families

New Life Furniture Bank is happy to accept gently used furniture that will then be made available to homeless families who have found housing. The New Life Furniture Bank website will give further details on specific items accepted, as well as condition requirements.

You may also call 513-313-0530 to get further information, and/or to arrange for a pick up. They do request a monetary donation fee to help with the fuel expenses.