Cranston Presbyterian Church

While in Seminary in 2017, then-student David Annett needed a location in the Presbytery of Cincinnati to do some field work education. Since he was already working at Knox, it was determined that a different church would be ideal. A congregation in New Richmond, OH had been without a pastor for several years and was in need of some help, so the Presbytery sent David to be the Summer Pastoral Intern at Cranston Memorial Presbyterian Church. It was a wonderful 12 weeks that resulted in David coming back to preach every so often through his graduation from seminary in 2018. Upon graduation, Knox had the idea that perhaps this Pastoral relationship could develop into a lasting connection with the congregation of Cranston. Over many years, Knox had formed a bond with Third church in East Westwood, and this seemed an opportunity to cultivate a similar partnership in an Eastern community in the Presbytery. The plan developed into a partnership where Knox supports the majority of David's salary, while also freeing him up for ΒΌ of his work week to be the Stated Supply Pastor at Cranston. He preaches there every other week, moderates the session, attends to the needs of the congregation, and is even helping to start a youth group this year! As Cranston continues to vision around what God is doing in their community, we hope to plug Knox into the process for energy, engagement, and support going forward.

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