Mission & Outreach

In mission, we believe anything is possible.

Every year, Knox Presbyterian Church directs countless volunteer hours, more than a quarter of its annual budget, and additional major gifts, beyond the walls of Knox and the boundaries of our neighborhood to serve communities in need. ¬†Perhaps the most important part of these ministries is the “mission in reverse”–the chance for Knox members and friends to engage in relationships and volunteer opportunities that help them to know and understand people and situations different from their own, so that they can work to shape their lives to the Way of Jesus Christ, who knew us all equally as children of God.

The Mission and Social Concerns Committee offers opportunities for people of all ages to give, serve, and learn, oversees contributions to our mission partners, and welcomes those who may wish to join our committee and participate in Knox’s work of giving back.

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Find out how to get involved with current projects through our knox.org homepage and by signing up for weekly emails from Knox Presbyterian Church. If you have questions or would like to join the work of our committee, contact Committee Chair, Matt Burkart .