Come join the Knox Men’s Group as they head out to Great American Ballpark to cheer on the Reds as they battle for the Ohio Cup against their intrastate rivals, the Cleveland Guardians. And for those of you who are collectors, it is also Elly De La Cruz bobblehead night in his City Connect uniform.
Men of all ages are welcome to join. And, feel free to extend an invitation to your son, another family member or a friend to join us. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the friendliness and community outreach of Knox!
Ticket prices will be determined by how many join us but should be around $22 each. Please use the button below to RSVP at your earliest convenience–Friday, June 7 at the latest–so we can finalize our ticket order. Please indicate how many tickets you want and Jeff Kersey will contact you with final arrangements to collect your payment and provide your tickets.