Racial Justice Ministry

When Jesus said love one another, he meant everyone

What can I do?
What is my church doing?

When it comes to racial justice as well as the legal decisions, protests, and counter protests we hear of with each passing week, these are good questions to ask. We are grateful that the Knox Session and community has been engaging the subject of racial justice for some time now.

This group works with of our Session’s Racial Justice Task Force and is open to all members of Knox. We pray that this ministry will help us to weave racial justice commitments into the fabric of our church as we worship, learn, and serve together.

Dismantling Structural Racism

Listen, Learn, Act

The Racial Justice Ministry works with three commitments in mind.

• We must listen and be attentive to the diversity of experiences present in our congregation. We will attend to God’s call for justice while remembering that in our congregation there are enthusiasms as well as reservations when it comes to racial justice work. We are committed to going on this journey together.

• We must learn together, with a willingness to expand our idea of what counts as learning. Faithful racial justice work is often less about intellectual debate and more about building relationships; it is about changing our hearts, and not just our minds. We will explore a variety of ways we might learn and grow together as a congregation.

• We must act. We know that many members of our congregation are eager for us to redress racist history that is part of our past, and to join the struggle for a more equitable present and future. Beginning in 2021, we aspire to add $50,000 to our church’s annual budget to support racial justice initiatives. Inviting Knox members to increase their pledges in support of this commitment will be a part of this year’s Stewardship Campaign. We will also strengthen our commitments to mission partners by exploring and offering opportunites for relationship building.

Providing New Opportunities in Cincinnati Neighborhood

Get Involved

To learn more about the Racial Justice Ministry or serve, contact Rev. Maggie Shreve, Parish Associate for Mission & Racial Justice by phone at 513.321.2573, ext. 108 or by email with the button below.